Hair Salon Sheet

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SERVICES FOR MEN$65 & UpSERVICES695648Cut & BlowdryFinish (Blow Dry Or Set)Sweet Shampoo StraighteningShampoo CutShampoo, Cut & BlowdryShampoo Cut & BlowdryBlowdry (long)Shampoo & Blowdry
Cut$75 & UpComb-Out1048573Cut OnlyCut & FinishLadies CutHair Finish (blow dry or set)Shampoo, Cut & SetShampoo & BlowdryBlowdry (short)Haircut
Color & Cut$115 & UpClip-Ins353324Gent's Cut & BlowdryMen's Haircut & FinishGent's CutCut & FinishCut OnlyPermanant Color, Cut & BlowdryBridal Up-DoShampoo, Cut & Blowdry
Highlights & Cut$130 & Up4536-Child's Cut OnlyRoot Tint & BlowdryMen's Cut & FinishSemi-Permanant Colour, Cut & BlowdryFoil Hi/Low Lights With Cut & BlowdryFormal Up-DoRestyle, Cut & Style
$140 & UpBRAID SERVICESShampoo & BlowoutCOLOURING SERVICESHead ShaveChild's Cut (under 10)Permanant Colour, Cut & Blowdry-Full HeadKeratin Smoothing Treatment (4ever smooth)Long Hair Set & Up-Do
WEDDING SERVICES50Shampoo & Braids (reg)Shampoo & SetFull Head TintBlowdry & SetHair UpFoils Half Head, Cut & Blowdry-Half HeadRelaxerFlat Press
Out Of Salon30Shampoo & Braids (kids)by consultby consultby consultLong Hair Add OnRetouch TintConditioning TreatmentComb OutFoils Full Head, Cut & BlowdryPermanant Wave, Cut & BlowdrySpiral PermChild's Haircut (under 5 yrs)
In Salon85Braids-regular1058573Formal HairDouble ProcessHalf Head HighlightsFor Longer HairPermanant Wave Cut & SetBrazilian Blo-out Straightening TreatmentFull PermChild's Shampoo, Cut & Style
45Braids-kids1118977Location Work Semi-PermanantFull Head HighlightsColoringFlat Press Only Or Comb OutMen's CutTop PermGent's Haircut & Finish
STYLING & FINISHING SERVICES$75 & Up1058573Highligting With Foils/Balliage (full head)Permanant WaveSemi Permenant ColorShampoo & BlowdryChild's Cut (under 12)Cap HighlightsWash & Roller Set
Blowdry (long)CHILDREN'S SERVICESCOLOR SERVICESHair Up DoWhole HeadShampoo & Blowdry (long hair)Full Head Foils
Blowdry (short)Child's Shampoo, Cut & BlowdryGlobal Color With Blow OutPERMING SERVICESRelaxer & ColorDouble Process Highlights & ColorSOS Thermal RelaxerHalf Head Foils
Child CutChild's Shampoo & Cut1118978Half Head Foils With Blow OutPerm With Haircut & FinishCut & BlowdryRe-growth Of More Than 6 Weeks Keratin Smoothing TreatmentPartial Foils
Child Cut & BlowdryChild's Shampoo & Blowdry193155135Full Head Foils With Blow OutShampooHighlighting & PermingColour Retouch With Blowdry
Ladies Shampoo & CutChild's Hair Up-Do165135115Add A Cut/Trim To Any ServiceRELAXERSKeratin TreatmentFull HeadGENT'S SERVICESColour Retouch Only
Shampoo, Cut & Blowdry160125112Add A Partial ColorRetouchRelaxer & Semi ColorT Bar/Half HeadBuzz HaircutColour With Blowdry (full head)
Restyle Cut & BlowdryCOLOR SERVICES140115103RelaxerIndividual FoilsCutGirl's Cut & Blowdry
Shampoo & SetHairline Color & BlowdryProtein With SteamYuko, Keratin & Straight Up SystemsDeep Conditioning Highlight Cut & DryBoy's Cut
Color Only-Roots85756030 Day Anti-frizz StraightenerRelaxer/Touch UpGent's Cut & Colour
KERATIN TREATMENTSColor Only-Full Head897963Brazilian Blowout Keratin HAIR EXTENTIONSKerratin Smoothing & Straightening TreatmentCHILDREN'S CUTSGent's Cut
Natura KeratinColor & Cut (roots)Perm Wave Great Lengths SystemBabyCut & Blowdry
Color & Cut (full head)RelaxerSmall Child Wet Cut (long)
STRAIGHTENERSColor & Blowdry (roots)635140Relaxer, Color & CutWet Cut (short)
Japanese IstraightColor & Blowdry (full head)757575Add On Cut/Trim
Color, Cut & Blowdry (roots)350350-Add On A Set
SOCAP HAIR EXTENTIONSColor, Cut & Blowdry (full head)*Junior Stylists Take 20% Off
Full Head ExtentionsT-Section (foil only)**Senior Citizens Take 10% Off
RemovalT-Section & Blowdry105105
T-Section, Cut & Blowdry515136
TECHNICAL SERVICESHalf Head Highlights Only
Semi Color OnlyHalf Head Highlights & Blowdry
Semi Color & BlowdryHalf Head Highlights Only & Cut635044
Semi Color & CutHalf Head Highlights, Cut & Blowdry434343
Semi Color, Cut & BlowdryHalf Head Highlights, Color & Blowdry30
Root Color OnlyHalf Head Highlights, Color & Cut
Root Color & BlowdryHalf Head Highlights, Color, Cut & Blowdry
Root Color & CutFull Head Highlights Only
Root Color, Cut & BlowdryFull Head Highlights & Blowdry
T-Section Highlights OnlyFull Head Highlights, Cut & Blowdry
T-Section Highlights & BlowdryFull Head Highlights, Color & Cut
T-Section Highlights & CutFull Head Highlights, Color & Blowdry
T-Secrion Highlights, Cut & StyleFull Head Highlights, Color, Cut & Blowdry
3/4 Head Highlights OnlyBalayage Only
3/4 Highlights & BlowdryBalayage/Ombre & Blowdry Only
3/4 Highlights & CutBalayage/Ombre & Cut Only
3/4 Highlights, Cut & BlowdryBalayage/Ombre Color & Blowdry
Full Head Highlights OnlyBalayage/Ombre Cut & Blowdry
Full Head Highlights & BlowdryBalayage/Ombre Color & Cut
Full Head Highlights.& CutBalayage/Ombre Color & Cut
Full Head Highlights, Cut & StyleBalayage Ombre, Color, Cut & Blowdry
5 Min Toner-Add On
Conditioning TreatmentArtificial Color Extractor
Treatment & BlowdryColor BTW Foils-Add On
Treatment Cut & Blowdry
Ombre, Cut & StyleLadies Dry Cut Only
Balayage Color, Cut & StyleShampoo & Cut
Shampoo, Cut & Blowdry
Relaxer & BlowdryRe-App Micro Volume
Relaxer, Cut & BlowdryRe-App Mini Volume
Relaxer, Semi & BlowdryRe-App Basic Volume
Relaxer, Semi, Cut & BlowdryRe-App Full Volume
Re-App Basic Length
Re-App Full Length
Micro Volume-App Rem
Mini Volume-App
Basic Volume App
Full Volume-App
Basic Length-App
Full Length-App
Extention Removal-Mini
Extention Removal Only
Beard Trim
Men's Outline
Men's Half Hair Cut
Men's Cut
Men's Shampoo & Cut
Men's Cut & Color
Natura Keratin
Relaxer Or Texturizer Only
Relaxer & Blowdry
Relaxer, Cut & Blowdry
Relaxer & Color
Relaxer, Color & Restyle
Shampoo Only
Shampoo & Blowdry (short)
Shampoo & Blowdry (long)
Shampoo & Set (short)
Shampoo & Set (long)
Rod Set
Product Add On
Blow Out Special
Treatment Add On
Treatment & Blowdry (short)
Treatment & Blowdry (long)
Silk Degree Shine Treatment Add On
Shine Treatment & Blowdry (short)
Shine Treatment & Blowdry (long)
Pravana Smooth Out Treatment
Olaplex Treatment
Keraglaze Add On
Essential Oils-Volume
Essential Oils-Thining Hair
Essential Oils-Strengthening
Essential Oils-Hair Growth
Essential Oils-Dandruff/Psoriasis
Wedding Up Do-Off Site
Wedding Up Do-In Salon
Wedding Up Do-Bride Trial
Wedding Off Site Charge
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